Security guard services:

Sec Gulf is not just a guarding company it is a source of security and a sense of peace!

We always strive to be the best security guard company in the UAE. Because we understand how sensitive and dangerous our field is, we design bespoke programs to meet each client’s needs.

The integrated approach that we provide through these services allows using the latest technology to make sure that everything will remain safe, whether people or facilities

Advantages of contracting with us:

SEC Gulf is one of the best security companies in the UAE for several reasons and advantages, including:

Providing the service will be through:

1- Book an appointment

2- Determining the service and location

3- Choosing the most suitable contract according to the duration and budget

The service is provided for:

Home security services and reception halls

Guarding buildings and land.

Guarding the property and installing surveillance cameras.

Guarding shopping centers and retail

Sec Gulf makes you feel safe

Comprehensive and effective security and safety programs for each individual client.

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Company features:

Precision As accuracy is one of the most important standards of the company because it cares about small details and believes that safety is full attention to everything that is going on around you to be able to protect the place or individuals

Secretariat Honesty in the company is not just a value but a culture that we deal with and choose our team carefully according to it because we believe that the real safety is to be a source of trust for your customers to make them feel that peace fills the place by our presence in it And to be a cause and the main factor in their psychological comfort

Excellence Every effort, capability, and resource we do daily is in accordance with the vision that we seek, which is excellence in the performance of difficult tasks and routines

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