Management of control rooms and command:

We can see you before danger strikes, we can protect you and your belongings with our Command-and-Control Room Service.

Making accurate mission-critical decisions, along with monitoring, responding, controlling, cooperating, and communicating are the aspects we consider while providing control room management services. We offer several solutions that we separate by status:

  • Integration of visualization and information.
  • Control, Operation, and Communication

Service features:

Providing the service will be through

1- Appointment Booking

2- Determine the service and location

3- Choosing the most suitable contract according to the duration and budget

4- Determine the devices and types of cameras that will be used

The service is provided for:

Major facilities

Residential buildings and towers

Companies and commercial establishments


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Comprehensive and effective security and safety programs for each individual client.

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Company's features

The presence of the latest technologies and cameras that help to discover and reveal the smallest details

A highly trained team in the ability to control and focus on all details

The speed of response to risks and the art of dealing with them and preparing for them