Facility Management Services

Safety is not a matter of entertainment, but it makes life more luxurious, so we are interested in providing a team dedicated to securing public utilities and facilities management companies

We have built our expertise in facilities management by focusing on several sectors and mastering them.

  • Traffic department
  • Manage visitors and identity.

  • Car park management.
  • Management of gaming zones

Features of the service/advantages of contracting with us

A facilities management company may appear to many people as a company that provides routine tasks, but in SEC Gulf it is distinguished in the facilities management service for several reasons:

Providing the service will be through:

1- Book an appointment

2- Determining the service and location

3- Choosing the most suitable contract according to the duration and budget

Facilities management service provided to:

Public parks that need management and insurance

gaming zones


traffic places

Visitor organizations and identity

Sec Gulf makes you feel safe

Comprehensive and effective security and safety programs for each individual client.

Company's features:

It has a qualified team to protect, secure, and manage all types of facilities

Special administrative strategies that help provide a sense of safety and stability for all members of the place

Resources and capabilities to help deal with the art of risk

Lets Start Now

  • Security services.
  • Armed Security Guards.
  • Facilities Management services.
  • Control and Command Room Monitoring.
  • Security Systems
  • Operations & Software Services.
  • Security Patrols.