Armed security guard’s

The difficult tasks require men, capabilities, and a qualified and professional team to deal with risks and anticipate and prepare for them. This is what we do for you through the service of armed security guards.

Our guards are highly professional as they have received the necessary training to be qualified enough to fill their positions. They also graduated from the Police and Corrections Academy, which makes SC Gulf one of the best security guard companies

We carefully select the security guards who will join us. Therefore, we select specialized officers with law enforcement and military experience, or those with a degree in criminal justice-making them one of the best security guard companies in the UAE.

• Permanently armed and uniformed security guards

  • Armed security guards wearing temporary military uniforms

Features of the service/advantages of contracting with us:

The armed security guards service from SC Gulf is characterized by several advantages, including:

Providing the service will be through

1- Appointment Booking

2- Determine the service and location

3- Choosing the most suitable contract according to the duration and budget

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International Conferences and Events

big companies


Sec Gulf makes you feel safe

Comprehensive and effective security and safety programs for each individual client.

Company's features:

Training and qualification at the highest level

Resources and capabilities that help protect individuals and institutions

A professional and trained team on all tasks and work of security and guard companies in the UAE

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